Feb 6, 2024

"Jurassic Hero: The Spider-Man Chronicles"

In a world where dinosaurs have reemerged and threaten the safety of humanity, only one person - a mild-mannered palaeontologist named Peter Parker – can stop them. After a chance encounter with a genetically modified spider, Peter gains superhuman abilities and becomes Spider-Man. With his newfound powers, he must fight to bring peace between humans and dinosaurs, proving that this ancient world and the modern one can coexist.
Nov 6, 2023

Princess Pippa's Animal Parade

Join Princess Pippa on an enchanting adventure as she organizes a grand parade at her palace with her animal friends. With each page turn, readers meet a new animal friend and discover the unique talent they bring to the parade. This charming, rhyming story is filled with laughter, surprises, and the simple joy of friendship.
Nov 6, 2023

If You Give a Dinosaur a Spiderman Costume

When Wesley's dinosaur friend finds a Spiderman costume, it leads to an exciting day of superhero fun. The dinosaur learns about responsibility, courage, and the importance of friendship. But what happens when a real crisis arises? Can a dinosaur really save the day, even if he's dressed as Spiderman?
Sep 26, 2023

The Mirror of Ages

The story follows the journey of 13-year-old Rowan who unexpectedly discovers a mystical mirror which leads to parallel fantasy realms. Each realm reflects a different age in Rowan's life, offering glimpses into potential futures or past memories. Navigating challenges and triumphs in these realms, Rowan learns to embrace her destiny and growing up, without being influenced by a predefined path or moral.
Sep 26, 2023

The Phantom Trail: A Wilderness Specter

When twelve-year-old Marty ends up lost during a family camping trip, he stumbles upon a mysterious trail leading deep into the forest. As he ventures onward, Marty encounters a series of unexplainable events that hint at the presence of a spectral entity. He must use his survival skills and newfound courage to uncover the secrets of the phantom trail and find his way back home.
Sep 15, 2023

Rollercoaster Rumble: The Zoological Revolution

The story takes place in a unique, thrilling, and exotic world where roller coasters intertwine with zoos. When a rollercoaster fanatic, Nate, lands a job at Zooster Park, a strange amalgamation of a zoo and a rollercoaster theme park, he is excited. However, he uncovers a sinister plot to replace all the animals with robotic ones. It's a race against time as Nate and his friends work tirelessly to save the animals and the park while facing breathtaking rollercoaster rides and an array of exotic animals.
Sep 15, 2023
Asher Landsberg

Asher and the Great Hatzalah Rescue

In a small town where everyone knows each other, young Asher dreams of being a police officer and a Hatzalah volunteer, just like his dad. One day, Asher's bravery and quick-thinking are put to the test when he notices something unusual at his neighbor's house. With the help of his dad and the United Hatzalah team, Asher embarks on a courageous mission to ensure everyone in his town is safe.
Sep 15, 2023

The Paradox of the Abstract Realm

The story follows Olaf, a 19-year-old creative enthusiast, who stumbles into an abstract realm. The realm's existence challenges everything he knows about reality and creativity. Here, Olaf learns to harness the power of abstraction to solve paradoxical puzzles, make unexpected allies, and ultimately find his way home.
Sep 15, 2023
Melanie Pankovcin

The Royal Menagerie: A Princess's Wild Adventure

Princess Isabelle, an animal lover, finds her life in a grand castle dull and monotonous. One day, she encounters a magical portal in her garden which leads her to a world full of fantastical animals. There, she embarks on a thrilling adventure to rescue a group of these extraordinary creatures from a wicked sorceress, discovering her true strength and kindness along the way.